The Chromebooks are coming! The Chromebooks are coming!

Originally posted November 7, 2017
This is an exciting year for our district when it comes to technology in the secondary buildings. First, the teachers received new touchscreen laptops which replaced our old desktops. We also have wireless projection capabilities from our laptops to any projector that we encounter in the district. Now, the next phase is about to happen…Chromebook carts! Up until this point, our secondary buildings have had one or two computer labs and a few laptop carts for our teachers/students to be able to access to try to incorporate technology into their classrooms. The laptops often take a large chunk of time to boot up, wasting valuable instructional time. As of the next week or so, that is all changing. As a secondary technology coach, it has been difficult for me to find teachers ready to make the jump into using technology since it has been difficult for them to access.
Chromebook carts of 30 devices each, will be deployed, starting at the high schools. Our Chromebooks are touchscreen, which will prove to be very useful. My goal is to provide our teachers with information to help use these tools effectively. The first thing I will be sharing is this infographic with some tips, tricks and shortcuts for Chromebooks (and Chrome as well).
I am so looking forward to helping more teachers bring technology to their students!