(This was originally posted on September 12, 2017)
Welcome! To my very first blog post…EVER! I never knew where to get started…until now. I am Joi, and I am starting a new position in my school district this year-Secondary Technology Coach. After 20+ years of teaching (5th/6th-grade middle school math and science), I am able to take my passion for integrating technology in the classroom, and share it with other teachers and their students.
I would like to share a few of my (current) favorite technology tools with you.  As I have been thinking about some of the things I plan on sharing with the teachers I will be working with, I realized this would be a great way to start my blogging journey. (These are not listed in any type of rank order.)


I cannot say more about this FREE tool!! How many times do you show a video in class, and wonder how many students are actually following along and extracting the information you want them to?  We know that students learn and process information at different speeds, yet for years, when we show a video, we have expected everyone to learn at the same time.  “EdPuzzle is a safe video platform that keeps students engaged and accountable while watching videos.”  Teachers are able to choose a video and then insert comments and questions as a student watches a video, which allows a teacher to keep track of their understanding. Along the way in the video, a teacher can add in either an open-ended question or a multiple choice question (which EdPuzzle will grade for you!!!). You can upload your own video or access videos that are already uploaded to EdPuzzle by other teachers (which very often already have questions added). EdPuzzle allows you to pull in videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, National Geographic, Ted Talks, Veritasium, Numberphile, Crash Course and Vimeo. Now hang on to your seats….for those of you who may use Google Classroom and/or Schoology (and there may be others, these are just the two that I am familiar with) EdPuzzle integrates with those two platforms and makes assigning the videos that much easier!!!
QuizletQuizlet (and Quizlet Live)
I have used Quizlet for the past two years and have found it to be a very useful and powerful tool to help students stay actively engaged with the material being taught. This is another FREE tool that allows teachers to either create their own study sets or find ones made by other educators (that can be edited to meet your needs).
QuizletStudyYour students can interact with the seven different games and activities at their own pace.  Quizlet also integrates with Google Classroom!
Once you have study sets made, you can then play Quizlet Live, which is a collaborative classroom game.  Both are definitely worth checking out and trying with your students!
FlipGrid is a video discussion platform.  They offer a FREE teacher account, which is a great way to get started and try out the platform and allows you to access to many of the key features of the product.  Teachers can post a topic to help spark conversations-something that I feel is at a loss these days with so many people more focused on typing into a device to communicate, rather than responding verbally.  I truly feel the possibilities for this tool are endless.  My thoughts are to introduce this, in the beginning, to the World Language and ELA teachers in my district. Speaking and Listening are integral parts of both of these areas, and FlipGrid allows students to be able to do this in a non-threatening environment.  This allows students to gain confidence in practicing their speaking skills while providing opportunities to listen and respond to their peers.  Can you say ENGAGED?!


It was very difficult for me to choose just a few things to talk about, but hey I can’t say it all in just one post!  Are you using any of these tools? How do you incorporate them into your classroom? I would love to hear what other tools you are using in your classrooms.
Thank you for visiting…I hope to see you back next week!